Learn More Spanish, In Less Time

Learn Spanish better in a total Spanish language and cultural immersion program. A two-week immersion program at the Livit Immersion Center is equal to around a semester of University coursework.

The LIVIT Immersion Center teaches Spanish naturally in beautiful colonial Puebla, Mexico using the most conducive methodology available today; even beginners are speaking with fluency in no time. We offer intensive total immersion programs from as little as one week and up to 12 weeks. We can accommodate longer stays for specialized language training. All courses may be individually tailored to personal or professional needs (Spanish for doctors, real-estate agents, social workers, dentists, lawyers, etc.).

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In any one of our twelve course levels, from complete beginner trhough advanced, students live immersed in the culture and learn Spanish because of access to the language 24 hours a day. The first half of the day is reserved for Spanish instruction and the second half for practicing, while discovering the Mexican culture. We’ve put together entertaining daily cultural activities and excursions to incredible sites around Puebla chock full of Spanish practice that’s sure never to bore. The afternoon activity may be substituted for profession-specific activities such as shadowing a resident in a hospital, sitting in on dental consultations, visiting a local orphanage, etc. During your Spanish immersion program you may stay with one of our hand-picked host families, welcoming you in their home like one of their own, taking a special interest in your comfort and well-being, trained to facilitate your learning.