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¡Hola, hola!  In-person programs in Puebla for 2023 are running successfully and we’re having a lot of fun. 

Conditions of COVID are stable in Puebla.  We are moving along with any changes.  Puebla (city and state) is fully opened up  (April 2023). All museums, restaurants and shops are open with some COVID protocols in place.  Face masks are optional at the school. 

Dates for in-person programs in Puebla:
Contact us before signing up to make sure the study dates are available.   The spring and summer course starting dates are May 1, 15, & 29, June 12 & 26, July 10 & 24, August 7 & 21 and every two weeks after that until the end of the year.  2024 courses start on January 8.  For any questions, please Contact us.


We recommend taking advantage of learning with us online to get a jump start on an in-person immersion program or to keep your Spanish skills tuned up.  If you’d like to get going with some virtual Spanish immersion (online Spanish lessons), please send us a message or for more information, click here.


Registration form:

Instructions: On the form below, please fill it in completely.  We will be able to serve you better the more information you provide.  Upon submitting the form, you will be directed to pay a US$100 administrative registration deposit through our website with credit card or PayPal.  A deposit of $100 US dollars made to “Livit Immersion Center”(processed by PayPal secure payment processing) is required to reserve a place in the LIVIT Immersion Center.  The deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the total program cost. The balance due is payable before or upon arrival to the school in Puebla. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, check (please ask for details if you wish to pay by check), and cash in US dollars or the equivalent in MXN pesos.  

Once we receive your information, a LIVIT representative  will contact you by phone or email to answer any questions and confirm your registration.  

Thank you for choosing to learn Spanish with the LIVIT Immersion Center.  See you soon.  Nos vemos pronto.

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