The LIVIT Methodology

Say “adios” to old methods of learning Spanish utilizing tedious grammar  rules and verb conjugation lists.  The LIVIT Immersion Center uses a totally  new way of learning where acquiring more language takes less time.  Our  system of learning is proven.  It’s based on the same concepts that everyone  uses to learn their very first language.  Babies learn to talk through constant  and progressive repetition of natural speech from the day they are born.  They  listen, slowly gain comprehension and then exponentially reproduce  grammatically sound (fluent) language.  If a baby can learn to comprehend  and speak in such a short period of time, imagine the results for adults,  especially when the biggest barrier, lack of comprehension, is removed.

In the LIVIT Immersion Center, 100% of the Spanish in the classroom is  comprehensible; nothing goes over your head.  Moreover, there’s no grammar  rules, no grammar structures and no verb conjugation tables to mull over.  All  of this creates a remarkable formula which rapidly accelerates language  acquisition.

After 30 hours of a one-week course made up of no-prior knowledge  beginning adult Spanish students, they all produced dramatic results because  the Spanish was in their brains, not in their notebooks.  These students could  talk and write about their backgrounds, families, daily routines, likes, dislikes,  special interests and more.  Most were writing over two pages with less than a  15% error in grammar and spelling.

Our method is constantly being refined based on our research/experience and  that of other researchers to remain on the cutting edge of foreign language  acquisition and development.  Our method applies the following:

  • Immersion – surrounding oneself 24/7 in the target language.  Spanish  takes time to learn.  Your language goals are met much faster by living  the language all day long.  Not to mention that In our complete cultural  immersion program you learn the language from the source, therefore  gaining authentic, modern, natural Spanish.
  • Acquisition, Not Learning – Acquiring a language is a natural, intuitive  and subconscious process in which the learner actively participates in  real language interactions gathering patterns of languages and their  structural uses in order to create and understand an infinite number of  language combinations.  Learning on the other hand, is the formal and  conscious study of grammar rules and structures, verb tables, only  leaving the learner with the memorized blueprints and tools for the job,  but not the ability to use them.  In the LIVIT Immersion Center language  is only acquired.  We have developed a special methodology to help  you acquire Spanish faster by adhering to these principles.
  • Meaningful and Natural Communication – Teach what people really   use so that they can communicate with real people.  Make it practical,  personal, natural and interesting to increase acquisition potential.
  • Only Minor Use of Grammar Rules – Concentration on grammar  adversely affects the language learning process by transforming  language into formulas, which require heavy memorization techniques,  poor long-term retention and restricted non-dynamic communication  skills among other negative effects.  However, in isolated cases we  can gain from the rules of grammar.  It´s like salt.  Too much ruins the  meal, but just a splash can make all the difference.
  • Comprehensible Input – if you don´t understand it, you can´t retain it, let  alone use it.  Spanish is used exclusively in the classrooms, but rest  assured that EVERYTHING you hear, touch, see, feel or smell will be  comprehensible.  Moreover, we don´t beat around the bush when  teaching new things; time is precious and not wasted on charade  techniques to introduce new vocabulary.
  • Learn Culture – Learn More Spanish – the culture and the Spanish go  hand in hand.  We love sharing the Mexican culture with our guests.  It  has been shown that a good understanding of the culture helps one  acquire language.  Each afternoon brings a new chance to experience  a bit of the culture through various activities and excursions.

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