Online Spanish Classes

The classes are individual, meaning one student per instructor, and are custom-made to meet the individual needs and goals of each student.  Whether for work, travel, hobby, to compliment collegiate studies or other objectives,  we design your classes accordingly.

Classes are taught using a natural teaching method that has had amazing success for the ability to retain large amounts of language acquired within short periods of time.  This natural method models the way a person learns his or her first language.  We can mix in grammar and give explanations if needed.  The topics and content of class include interesting, comprehensible, meaningful Spanish that works towards native and natural communication.

The courses focus on complete communication of Spanish including both oral and written skills. Each skill is independent, yet equally important to develop for excellent communication.  To achieve this, you will read, write, listen and speak in each class (lesson).  Here’s how:

  1. Writing and Reading: Prior to a live 60-minute phone class, you will view a Spanish lesson via our website which includes a section that you respond to by sending an email to your personal instructor.  Upon receiving your email, the instructor will review and send your email back to you with comments.  Reading and writing trains your eyes to Spanish.
  2. Listening and Speaking:Live 60 minute class via telephone covering the information previously viewed via our virtual website.  By listening you develop your ears to hear the words and relate them to what you see.  You also develop your tongue to be able to say them by speaking.  The live classes are scheduled to work around your agenda any time(given availability) Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm Central Standard Time.
  3. Support:(pre and post class) Unlimited email and Instant message support  for current lesson questions, doubts, practice etc.  Given instructor availability, Monday-Friday, 8am -8pm Central Standard time.

The Virtual classes are delivered using a variety of multimedia.  For each lesson, we will send you written work to complete on your own before class, then call you by phone or Internet voice program to talk live for 60 minutes to practice the information covered in the written practice and more.   

There are 12 levels of the Virtual Immersion courses:

  • 4 levels of Basic
  • 4 Intermediate
  • 4 Advanced

They start from complete beginner and go all the way through very advanced communication. The time it takes to gain Spanish proficiency will depend on the number of lessons you choose per week, your Spanish communication goals (What level of Spanish you want to attain), and the extra time you put into practicing and getting questions answered.  You may choose to take 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 classes per week.

Tuition costs based on the number of classes taken per week:

Lessons per week: One Per Week Two Per Week Three Per Week
Duration to complete one level: 8 weeks 5 Weeks 3 Weeks
Total number of classes: 8 10 9
Cost: US$210 US$235 $220

Notice the tuition costs are per block of lessons and not per month.  For example: One block of lessons on the one-lesson-per-week schedule costs US$210, but lasts 8 weeks.   Payments are made in US Dollars.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  There are no extra fees for registration, technology or materials.

We guarantee satisfaction.  If you are not completely satisfied after the first paying lesson (time until the second scheduled phone class) for any reason we will grant you a full refund.  After the second scheduled phone class has begun we cannot grant any refunds.

We offer a free 20-minute sample class so you can try before you pay.  Email us with a telephone number (include area code), a time(including time zone) to contact you and your approximate level of Spanish (in 15 words or less) at or click here if you’d like to set one up.

If you’re interested in this program we can get started right away designing a specific program for your needs and begin as early as the next business day.

Thanks for your interest in studying Spanish with Livit Immersion Center.  We look forward to being in touch soon.  If you would like any more information it would be my pleasure to serve you.  You may contact me personally either by email or phone at: or +1 (303) 955-9135.  If you prefer that we call you, send us an email with a phone number including area code and a time to call you (indicate time zone) and I’ll phone you at your convenience.

Best regards,

Livit Immersion Center