Puebla Arrival Instructions

Puebla International Airport

The Puebla international airport is served from the USA by two major airlines with very few arrivals. Continental operates one flight daily (arrival to Puebla around 8:30pm) from Houston and Aeromexico periodically operates a few flights per week from New York. If it is convenient for you to fly into Puebla through one of these companies we can arrange to pick you up from the airport or we can send you instructions to take a bus or taxi from the airport into Puebla. They are currently expanding at the Puebla airport and when finished in a year or so (2014) will generate more International flights per day. Until then…stay tuned.

Mexico City – Benito Juarez International Airport

The Mexico City Benito Jaurez International Airport allows you a lot more flight schedules and is in many cases cheaper than flying into Puebla. The Mexico city airport is located around 2 hours from Puebla by direct first class bus. There are first class buses offering refreshments, free WiFi and movies on-board, which leave the main terminal of the airport around every half hour between 5am and past 12 midnight 7 days a week.

Depending on which airline you’re flying with you will arrive to either Mexico City’s Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 at the airport. Each terminal has its own bus pickup location. You do not need to travel between terminals to catch the bus to Puebla. You can click here to see a complete list of national
and international airlines that fly into Mexico City.

Terminal 2 serves only Delta and Aeromexico’s international flights. If you are on any other international flight, you will arrive to Terminal 1.
Click here for Arrival instructions from Mexico City’s Terminal 2 going to Puebla.

Terminal 1 serves all other flights exceptDelta or Aeromexico
Click here for Arrival instructions from Mexico City’s Terminal 1 going to Puebla